Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manny Pacquiao

Whenever it is his game, the world seems to stop.

It is not the World Olympics but reaches CNN.
He is not from Hollywood, but is well-renowned throughout the globe.

No matter how busy people are, they stop to witness his flight and share his passion.

Top politicians would spend a fortune to be with him in his battle.
Others make it a social gathering, even renting out high-end places to be united in cheering out for him.
The crime rate falls down to a big percentage. (great!)
Businesses freeze for a moment.
Heavy traffic is never a problem on his scheduled game. (almost no traffic at all)

Weird as it may sound, but Manny Paquiao, branded as the Philippines’ Pambansang Kamao, seems to invade a wide expanse of admirers.

In his recent fight with Cotto, even the waiters serving us in a restaurant requested us to allow them to watch the fight first. It would be futile if we ordered beforehand, for no one would cook the food. Cooks were engrossed in front of the TV sets. We ended up eating lunch at 2:00PM. Great.

Thus for the first time, in my entire life, I was able to watch a boxing game in full.
But what thrilled me most was the energy of the viewers.

Fathers forgot that they were carrying their children as they shouted and punched the air with their fists.

Women shrieked and jumped off their chairs admiring his every move.

Foreigners forgot all about racial differences and cheered with Filipinos shouting “Me-nee! Me-nee! I love Pekyew!”.

Sales and services stopped for 36 minutes (12 rounds).

Whatever it is that “PACMAN” has, he has the ability to make the world focus their eyes on him for a period of time.

And that is, unbelievably, exceptional.

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