Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer’s Not for Me!

It’s summer time!

Time to go for a swim and enjoy the sun!

But did you know that not all people enjoy the sun as we do.?

Some individuals just say “Summer’s Not for Me!”

Who on earth are they?


Heliophobia (Greek word “helios”, meaning sun) is a condition which afflicts a lot of people and this hinders them from staying out exposed to this big ball of fire. The heliophobic individual may also be fearful of any bright light. People coping with this phobia may cover themselves completely prior to going outside or will avoid going outside at all.

A heliophobic feels that intense exposure to the sun is extremely dangerous and may cause skin cancer. Thay may also have experienced severe sunburn in the past or have seen the negative effects of exposure to the sun, causing morbid fear of sunlight.

How can they enjoy summer?

Night swimming is an alternative to swimming outdoors exposed to the sun.

Choose a good resort and enjoy the company of family and friends as you do those backstrokes while gazing at the luminous moon and stars above.

Limitations cannot hinder us from enjoying life.

Any heliophobic out there? Go night swimming! :D

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