Friday, April 23, 2010

Hanging Out with My Fifteen Year-Old Self

Inspired by an article in, this entry is my answer to the question:

If you went back in time and had lunch with your 15 year old self, what about the current life would be most surprising to the younger you? Where would you eat?

One-on-one with the 15-year old me in McDonalds, I could see myself beaming at this cute teenager with expressively attentive eyes gazing intently at me, as if I were a mentor. I’d smile at her and let her share her stories of the day.

When my turn to talk comes, I’d tell her that she has just started life. There is more to be discovered and I’d advise her not to be overwhelmed by what she’d experience.

Innocent and na├»ve as she may look, I know deep down that she has a lot of potentials. I’d tell her to continue studying hard for this will be a stepping stone to a good life ahead. She’d be happy to hear that her choice of college school and course would prove to be beneficial for her. She would also be elated to know that her family and friends would be proud of her when she graduated from HS and college.

I’d tell her to continue loving her mom, for she will be the greatest support and companion for her.

If ever she’d ask about love life, I’d tell her not to focus on it first. The person she might think is right for her at that time is actually not the one for her. I’d tell her not to entertain guys at an early age for the man suited for her will appear at the right time. I’m sure she’d giggle and would want to hear more of this, but I’d just give a piece of advice and let her figure out for herself.
As I watched her take a bite of the cheeseburger, I’d commend her for her genuine heart and kindness to all. I’d motivate her to pursue her goal to serve God full-time and that she’ll attain it for sure. She’d be excited to hear that it would be one of the happiness moments in her life.

Also, I’d tell her to treasure the time with certain childhood friends, for they’d be separated after some time.

I’d warn her that not all people are as transparent as she is. Some would be cunning and some would be hypocrites; so she should be ready when facing the ‘real’ world.

I guess she’d be entertained to hear me talk about how she would survive a ‘great flood’ in her home place, travel in wonderful places, and meet different people. I would not go into the very details for I want her to figure out all the happenings by herself. She’d also blush when I’d tell her that I know every little secret she has, but I’d give her a pat in the back and say “You’ve been a good girl. Keep it up!”

It’d be different to part from this once-in-a-lifetime moment with this special girl, but before we part ways, I’d hug her tight and say “10 years from now, you’ll be more matured. Unexpected things will happen, but I know you’ll learn a lot from it. Yes, 10 years from now, you’d be able to experience meeting your younger self.”

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