Monday, November 04, 2013

The Day I Said Yes

Let’s do a flashback to the same date exactly a year ago.

The setting was the beautiful island of Guimaras; a hidden paradise in Iloilo. The weather was perfect for an island hopping adventure and so our group (composed of family and friends) decided to discover what the islands of Guimaras had to offer. As we rode into the waters, I was reminded me of CamSur and Palawan’s beauty as we explore caves and lagoons. Being a nature-lover who marvels every time the travel bugs bite, I beamed at how the day proved to be extraordinary. Little did I know that it would be more than extraordinary.

We reached a huge rock formation leading to a hidden passageway. Upon entrance, one can see a cave with the corals and sparkling waters underneath. It was such a marvelous sight. The group decided to swim and some even dared to dive on top of the rock formation. Nothing to worry though, as the boat guides assured us it was safe. Suddenly, I felt something weird with the guys. They seemed to be agitated and stared glances at each other every now and then. Shrugging off my shoulders, I just swam and enjoyed the moment.

Then came the darkening clouds and little by little, raindrops started to grow into a downpour. We managed to rush on to other islands and finally headed back to shore. As soon as we landed in Raymen Beach Resort (owned by a Witness family), the guys requested us to stay for a while and rest on the shore. As the sun was about to set, all of us ladies decided to go into our rooms, clean up and have dinner afterwards.

After dinner, we met with the family who owned the resort. It was a great opportunity to hear how these fellow Witnesses faced hardships in life and still stayed strong in faith. Then came the ‘extraordinary’ moment.

Finally the guys succeeded in bringing us to the shore for a stargazing experience (as they say). The girls were also exchanging glances by then and I realized that only my mom and I were clueless. It turned out that there was a surprise for both of us.

Reggie stepped forward, made an announcement for everyone to listen, and acted as if he’s leading a family worship (looked to me that way back then). He then said a few lines talking about how we have grown matured enough for the past years. Yes, matured in all aspects – physically, financially, emotionally, intellectually, and most important of all, spiritually. To my readers, I am sorry to have not documented every single line as by then the lines became blurry as the world spun around me. The only clear words I heard was:

“Will you marry me?”

Something seemed to block my throat and speechless as I was, I just stared while he held a sparkling ring in front of me. A moment of silence followed. Then, I looked at my mom and she broke the silence saying “Isuot mo na!” (Wear it!”). Everyone laughed, but the mixed emotions Reggie and I felt that night was connected into a tight, warm hug. Teary-eyed, I wore the ring which perfectly fitted my finger.

Yes, that more-than-extraordinary night may have started a lot of changes, but the bliss it has caused will never ever be forgotten.

P.S. Only a selected few knew this story before our wedding. This is a story that was never published (until today).

Actual shot of the proposal scene - thanks to great friends :)

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