Friday, September 27, 2013

Sand Castles No More

When we were still young, one of the things we look forward to every time we go to the beach was the ‘sand castle experience’. We got to build our own castle, strengthened it with unlimited layers of fortress, and enjoyed the freedom of changing its architectural design whenever we want to. The stronger, the better. The higher, the wider our smiles. 

 As we go on with life, we realize that there are things more important than sand castles. We understand that castles are made for real kings and queens and we can get to build our dreams not with real castles, but with our own happy abode. We achieve our goals not with the help of real kings and queens, but with people we appreciate and love most.

We realize that sand can be easily washed away, but memories linger and remain. We observed that some prints are temporary but some we can make permanent. 

I don’t know if realizations like these have something to do with (getting old) growing up, but I do not look forward to sand castles anymore. I look forward to the beach, our own ‘castle’, and the memories that forever will not be washed away.

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