Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Flora-rama Photography

Flowers add beauty to life. No matter how low-spirited we may be, when one sees the flowers in bloom, it enlightens our mood. A budding flora never fails to capture the attention of an appreciative individual.

On the go for Flora-rama photography this time.

A brilliant red rose after the rain - reminds us of love's strength and dedication

We can all have bright and colorful days.

Lavender cools your senses.

Splash yourself with joy and relaxation.

Trickled water quenches your spirit.

Dramatic flora clouds the mind.

Go on, bloom!

Sunshine warms the heart.

Be a star, yet shine with others.

Equilibrium in life is necessary.

Yes, flowers teaches us a lot of lessons in life.
Let us all appreciate these heartwarming creations of God.

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