Tuesday, June 30, 2009

With or Without Wings?

I'm not talking about sanitary napkin here. :P
I'm talking about the ability to fly.

Sometimes, I wish I could fly.

Philippine sky

I wish I could spread my wings and soar high above the clouds.

I could avoid the heavy traffic, minimize the time for traveling, and surpass all the distance and bodies of land and water that separates me from the destination I'm longing for. I don't have to pay for seafare/airfare going from one place to another. I can meet my love ones immediately.

There were times when I wondered why human beings were not granted the ability to fly.
Although the human body is an incredible piece of creation, it lacks the proper structure and aerodynamic abilities required for flight.

Jehovah God is really just, and I know that He has reasons for creating us this way.
By design, human beings are land-based creatures and no one should question that.

Airplanes made it possible for us to explore more of aero beauty.

Because of this inability to fly, the innovative human mind came up with efforts to match animal's ability to fly. The Wright brothers came up with the first airplane. Other aerodynamic structures followed, and now we have multitude creations and structures for flying. Such an advantage of innovating beyond our capacity.

Yes, I don't have wings, but I feel much grateful for being a human. Even if I cannot fly, I can appreciate the beauty of space and sky, and thus worship God for his creations.

Such a spectacular reason to be thankful of.


Cat ur Stwin said...

Looking in the sky reminds me that there is someone up there looking at my actions. Looking at it from a window of an airplane makes me relax because it looks like a cotton fibre.

Bess said...

And who is that 'someone'? :)
Let's fly again :D