Monday, June 29, 2009

Photography Tidbit: Vanity Matters

Photography is self-taught.

True, this statement from Ansel Adam, shows that photography starts from one’s interest and appreciation of the details and artistic forms of his environment. Experience follows and molds an individual into becoming a great photographer.

Recently, I’ve been observing great photographers, and I learned a lot from them.

In this entry, I would focus on one tidbit I learned.

Never be conscious of your looks when you take pictures.

Professional photographers don’t care if the clothes they wear be soaked in the mud, if their whole form become drenched in the rain, or if they make a nuisance out of themselves.

Mr. Abasolo's V-Leg formation

elbow rest position

and the best position I've seen :P

Quoting from Jojie Alcantara, while she was covering a wedding:

“The only way for me to get a shot with the sky as background was to lie down on the grass, almost right below. Lost in the moment, they barely noticed me. Together, they held on to the Bible.

I did mess up my clothes for lying down. But I captured my sky shots.”

Thus, learning from the great teachers, I make an effort to remove any vanity in myself (if there is any..hehe) in taking shots.

Who cares about the curious onlookers, intense heat and sticky sand?
(Special thanks to Cat Martin for this shot.) long as I capture my once-in-a-lifetime shot

Therefore, having love for photography impels us to remove all excessive vanity and conceit. A photographer should possess humility, not capturing shots for the purpose of recognition and pride, but more on the purpose of sharing and serving others.

There are real life lessons, after all.

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