Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Story of Mr. Dignified

This entry was based from a friend’s humorous narration this afternoon.

A very good model

He is a dignified man, with machismo all over his smug face. He responds to queries and solves problems with composure. He is respected by all. Some even hesitates to approach him because of his intimidating nature. All in all, he is the befitting figure of manliness and composure.

Then came his special day.

A lot of people gathered in the hall for a gathering. Elbowing the blabbering individuals, this dignified man made his way through the crowd and sat in front of distinguished guests while sharing his insight about certain issues.

Then the tragic event occurred.

Out of nowhere, a cockroach emerged and flew towards the ‘dignified’ man. The ‘star’ cockroach landed on Mr. Dignified’s left shoulder.

All eyes were on him, anticipating what would happen next.

Suddenly, Mr. Dignified, losing all the composure in him, jumped off his chair and shouted..

“WAHHHHH!!! IPISSS!!! !)^+@^6 !6@> ipis!!!!! TULUNGAN NyO KO!!!!!!!!

He covered his face with his hands and shivered with fear, grimaced by the cockroach.

An old lady, stood up and patted the cockroach away from his shivering body.

The rest of the story is predictable. :)

Thus, Mr. Dignified is now known as “Mr. IPIS”.

The star-of-all-occasions


FITZ said...

kakapatay ko lang ke Mr. Dignified... XD ^_^

Bess said...

nice :))

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