Friday, July 10, 2009

Wala Ka sa Lola Ko!

Recently, I met this lola in a nearby park. I was amazed by her fluency in English, but what really got me into her was her charming and animated way of telling tales about long ago, and the way she addressed me.

Cool sense of fashion - flowery prints ;)


This is the way Ilocanos call their children. I found it really sweet, but most importantly, it reminded me of my Lola Sabel.

Lola Sabel is a picture of beauty, hardwork, love and strength.

Lola Sabel in her 80s

From her narrations, she was a former yearly Reyna Elena of their barangay. Guys fought with each other just to be her partner, but in the end, her tito became her partner to pacify the guys. Although she had an arranged marriage at a young age, my grandparents had a faithful and long-lasting relationship. During the time of war, they protected their family by all means. They grew old together, until my lolo died. They bore 10 offsprings and had multiple grandchildren, who love them dearly.

Today, my Lola Sabel reached almost 85 years of her worthwhile life.

She is a loveable mentor for all.

Makulit na lola (We'll try jump shots next time :P)

We love her dearly.


Kean said...

Your grandma is great! Wow!

Bess said...

Thanks kean. :)
She's cool hehe

Julius Tan said...

wala talaga, kasi wala na kong lola :) hehe