Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ripples of the Water

Swish swish swiiissssshhhh – goes the ripple of the water.

In layman’s term, here is a scientific rule in the relationship of water motion and sound waves:

When the water is quiet, then it’s deep.
When the water is noisy, then it’s shallow.

In the same manner, this can be applied to individuals, in general.

Do you have a noisy and blabbering mouth which goes on chattering unimportant matters? Or, are you the timid one, who speaks only when needed?
Do you ever let your tongue get out of control, like a forest fire, to the harm of others as well as yourself? Do you even use your lips to curse or speak uncomplimentarily about others? Or, do you keep quiet or leave when topics are not upbuilding?

These are simple searching questions, yet your answers may say if you’re deep or shallow. ;)

Remember, deep people are very much blessed with wisdom yet they do not waste their knowledge in blabbering, but speak only for advantageous purposes.

So, is your ripple a noisy SWISH SWISH SWIIISSSHH or a quiet one? ;)

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