Sunday, July 05, 2009

That Green, One-Eyed Monster!

“Such a cutie! I love it!”

This was the initial statement I heard after I showed this photo to a friend.

This is actually a sweet course, sold to aficionados of Monsters, Inc.. Yeah, it is truly cute and dazzling, despite the fact that it IS a monster, cinematically speaking. ;)

Admit it. There are monsters who ruin your life, monsters that pull you down whenever they see you successful and happy, and monsters that tell devastating rumors about you behind your back. There are also monsters who envy you. Without you knowing it, they want to be happy and successful like you; thus they hate to see your triumphs and elation. These “monsters” are gobbled up by their insecurities and frustrations in life.

One thing I learned from this shot. Not all monsters are horrible and very much disgusting.

Some monsters just need to be pampered and showered with attention. Some need your appreciation, association and help. Despite the fact that they are “monsters”, they can also be your friend. Just try to see the good in them. :)

Let us all try to live by this rule.

“Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those persecuting you. Return evil for evil to no one.”

Who knows? That “monster” may learn the value of goodness and benevolence, and may change someday.

So the next time, a disgusting ‘one-eyed-green-monster’ irritates or persecutes you, smile.
Think of him/her as this cutie sweet and learn to see the positive traits in the individual.

For that “monster” may make your life sweet and satisfying after all. =)


Kean said...

It such inspiring to anyone, just like me; I need to understand the realities of life. Everyone were like monsters.

Bess said...

Hi Kean. :) How are you?
I'm glad that it somehow helped.
Yeah there's really a monster in everyone, yet we have to see the non-monstrous side of all. :)
Focus on the good traits and you'll be happy. :) Continue doing good, for in due time, these monsters will realize that everything they're doing is vanity. :)
Take care :D