Friday, July 24, 2009

Not Just a Simple Towel

Have you ever stayed in a cozy hotel or in a relaxing restaurant and was greeted by an amazingly folded towel?

Cute towels are designed by people who studied the art of towel folding. Sometimes it's called towel origami. So, origami is not only for paper, but also for towels, as well.

I've seen a lot of towel folding art in hotels and high-class rooms (such as flowers and hearts), yet I was amazed by these designs.

"Grandma is special."

A dinosaur or an alligator?

Some designs are folded from multiple towels, others from just one big towel.

Travel-wise, cruise ship attendants usually greet their guests using these towel folding techniques. But guess where I saw these styles?

In Bethel! The Watchtower Society volunteers are skillfully talented.
I hope I could learn one of their skills ;)

So the next time, you saw a skillfully folded towel, please take time to appreciate the complexity of the human mind and the art of room making. :)


Julius Tan said...

I love the towels... :) so cute.

Bess said...

There are other designs, but I wasn't able to take some shots...for I have to listen to the tour guide :P

lucy said...

They should totally tell you how to do that as part of your stay there. I have kids and they would really love the dinosaur design, putting one on their bed before bath time. I have actually just bought them some new bamboo bath towels, made from bamboo, so soft and lovely. I'm gonna get myself a dressing gown. What were the towels made from?