Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been to Paradise

Yeah, I've been to "Paradise".

Its definition varies from one mouth to another.
When you hear the word "paradise", you may think of any of the following:
1. A famous song (by Madonna or any artist)
2. An award-winning novel
3. A cemetery (might be the famous one in San Mateo, Philippines)
4. any wonderful and amazing destination

This week, I was able to explore more of nature around me. Guess what I found? A place of complete bliss and delight and space. I was momentarily awed by the water and the lively carps in it. I got a chance to ponder on the happenings in my life for the past few months.

This garden is the original model for the cover image in the brochure
"Look! I Am Making All Things New"

A relevant point in life:
Sometimes you have to move away from the noisy buzz around you and have time with creation alone. Meditation with nature is one of the greatest relaxation technique ever discovered. Try it for yourself. ;)

Refreshing greenery

Whatever paradise the world may provide us now, I am still looking forward to the real paradise in the future. (as promised in Luke 23:43).


Julius Tan said...

They are so talented in almost everything. =) very nice.

Bess said...

Yes..really everything :)
So I wonder what paradise would be like.. Definitely a lot better than this! :)